How Long Until Robots Take Our Jobs?

Last updated on October 17th, 2023

How Long Until Robots Take Our Jobs

It’s 2020, and we are fully cemented in the gilded age of technology. This tech-heavy and Internet-centric age that we are living in comes with some advantages and disadvantages. In terms of the job market, many jobs are switching from human-based and analog to automated and digital. Technology has definitely created many jobs, but it has also replaced positions long held by humans. This is most clear in the manufacturing industry. As many assembly-line jobs are being taken over through automated robots, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming, it is important that workers across all industries are up-to-date on the tech skills needed to remain employed.

There are several types of jobs that have shown that they are here to stay, and have proved to be that much more resilient through the recent Covid-19 pandemic. If you are currently on the hunt for a new job, or even an entirely new career, you should consider one of the tech industry jobs we will highlight in this article. Before we talk about the fastest growing and most resilient jobs, let’s first discuss where you can learn the skills needed for these jobs.

Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are becoming the most popular way to learn the computer programming skills you need to succeed in the tech industry. Their popularity is growing for several reasons. First, they are short-term and hyper-focused. This means you can learn all the programming skills you need in less than a year, with most grads finishing their program through online and self-paced means in just 10 to 24 weeks. These shorter-term coding education routes are quickly replacing the traditional methods that require two to four years to earn a traditional computer science degree through a university or local community college. These traditional degree-seeking routes also come with a high price tag of student debt which unless you are getting a full ride scholarship that has in no way proved to help grads land a job with their new degree as many companies hiring now newbie coders and developers.

The student debt price tag brings us to the second reason that coding bootcamps and student loan calculators are growing in popularity. Most of the schools that host these bootcamp programs offer a cheaper alternative to traditional tech education methods. They also offer flexible tuition financing that actually puts some degree of responsibility on the loan granting organization—in this case the school, such as the Kenzie Academy—through income-sharing agreements (ISAs). Tuition repayment schemes like ISAs allow students to have confidence in the coding education they are paying for because they do not have to pay back the tuition until they have found a job in the discipline that they decided to pursue when they paid for their education. A coding bootcamp can help unlock some the of the highest paying programming jobs. According to US News & World Report, programming salaries boast some of the highest average salaries in the industry.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the tech industry jobs that are here to stay, and that you may want to pursue as a new career.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the process of building the systems and processes that teach machines how to understand the human mind by developing software that enables machines to think, behave and understand in the way that a human would. AI professionals are responsible for building the automated robots you may see on an assembly line, as many of these jobs are redundant and can be done faster through automated means.

There are several different disciplines within the AI field, including Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer and Research Scientists. Let’s take a closer look at some of these job roles and what they do within the greater AI space.

Machine Learning Engineering

Machine Learning Engineers are the most prominent AI professionals, and they are responsible for building the AI machines and automated systems that streamline processes like assembly lines. You can start your career in AI through a machine learning bootcamp.

Machine Learning Engineers build their automation around the data collected and researched by Data Scientists.

Data Science

Data Scientists is another prominent job role within the AI field, and even more so in the broader tech industry. Data Scientists are responsible for deciding which data needs to be collected and how it should be collected and sorted. This is done through the coding of data collection systems, which, in terms of AI, is quite a large net that captures all different types of human behavior, and especially the human language.

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