Business Flashcards and PowerPoint presentations

Business Flashcards are a great tool for business and managers who can use flashcard. Flashcards can also be used for education and other fields of study. In particular, using Flashcards you can highlight some important concepts, teach the vocabulary and phrases that you want your people to remember and use it for training your own brain.

PowerPoint presentations and in particular the PowerPoint slides can be used as flashcards. Imagine that each slide is a new card then you can embed the important concepts and information on a new slide.


There are many different applications but e-learning courses and mobile applications for e-learning are taking in mind these concepts to design the applications. For example, this business application for MBA students and business in general let you use the smartphone as flashcard reader. For example the business terms in this application for iPhone:

Using Flashcards you can also teach about business vocabulary, like the example shown here for flashcards.

  • use a computer
  • go out with a client
  • send a fax
  • meet a client
  • have a meeting
  • work overtime
  • talk on the telephone
  • give a presentation
  • read a report
  • serve coffee
  • go on a business trip
  • write a report

Internet also gives us the possibility to create virtual flashbacks online, for example with the free application Proprofs that let you create online flashcards.

create flash card powerpoint

This is a free online resource where you can create online flash cards with ProProfs, a free flashcards maker that is perfect for printable flashcards, downloadable flash cards or online study using our free flashcards software. Go to Proprofs Flashcards