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When writing an essay, report, research paper or article, many people use the Word Editor for spellcheck. While the Word Editor now also provides more comprehensive suggestions to point out grammatical mistakes, it isn’t enough. Grammarly has long been one of the best grammar checking tools for English grammar. You can also make use of it online and in Microsoft Office via the Grammarly Chrome extension and Word add-in.

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Getting Started with Grammarly

If you’re new to Grammarly, it is available as an online editor as a web app and Chrome extension, as well as a desktop app for Windows and an Office add-in which works with Microsoft Word and Outlook.

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Grammarly Extension for Chrome

To get started with the Grammarly Extension for Chrome add the extension and login with your Grammarly account from the icon which shows up in the Chrome toolbar.

add grammarly chrome extension

You can use the sliders from the Grammarly Extension for Chrome to enable the options you need. The extension can be used for writing suggestions, definitions and synonyms and for checking your English spellings. The extension also provides the option for selecting the type of English grammar you need help with including American, Australian, British and Canadian English. Since there are some grammatical and spellings very different in the various types of versions of English across a number of countries, these five variants should be sufficient for you to get your grammar right in your desired English grammar form.

Did you know? You can also use Grammarly to proofread the content to be used in your presentations. If you are preparing an important business presentation, a lecture or any particular slideshow, you may use Grammarly fix your spelling and grammar easily. This also applies to presentations that are created with our free PowerPoint templates.

The New Document option in the extension can be used for opening the web app version of the grammar checking tool for a more comprehensive overview of the text you intend to check.

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Since many users might be looking to use the Chrome extension for Grammarly in Google Docs, it is worth mentioning here that Google Docs is currently in Beta testing phase for the extension.

spell check in google docs

If you frequently require writing blogs using WordPress, the extension can be great for you to correct your spellings and grammar. Furthermore, you can use it on any website, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or online forums, blogging platforms and the like.

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During your online writing sessions, you can not only check spellings and grammar but also get guidelines regarding the clarity of your text and its overall tone. As you can see from the link below, the Grammarly Tone Detector gives guidelines regarding how formal, friendly and optimistic your text sounds.

grammar feedback

Outlook and Word Add-in for Grammarly

To use Grammarly in Microsoft Word or Outlook, download and install the Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Office. You can choose to pick one or both of the supported Microsoft Office apps during installation.

word add-in for grammarly

Once installed, log in with your Grammarly account by clicking the add-in via the Ribbon menu from the Grammarly tab in Word.

grammarly log in

Some of the features of this -add-in are limited for premium users such as checking the level of engagement, proper delivery and seeking expert writing help. Grammarly premium users can also check for plagiarism.

check grammar

The Adjust Goals option in the add-in allows setting the tone for your audience based on how knowledgeable or formal the audience is. If you want to manage your text according to expert audience with a formal tone, you will require a premium account.

set goals

What Can You Do with Grammarly?

To find out all that Grammarly can do for you, see the developer’s introductory video.


Grammarly is a great tool for helping people with English grammar and spelling check, as well as with plagiarism, writing style and audience engagement. It is undoubtedly the best grammar correction tool out there for English language. We can only hope that the tool is expanded for other languages in the near future. Perhaps Grammarly Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Arabic would be quite helpful for many people around the world, since these are the most widely spoken languages in the world along with English.

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