Ribbons Interactive Timeline Template for PowerPoint

If you are a presenter looking to switch between your main timeline slide and other slides, which explain different sections of your timeline; it can be quite embarrassing to sift through slides to go back and forth. This can also be confusing for your audience to keep up with the presentation. You can use the Ribbons Interactive Timeline Template for PowerPoint to avoid this problem.

ribbons interactive timeline template for powerpoint

Interactive Timeline Slides with Ribbons as Connectors

This interactive timeline template contains a primary timeline slide with ribbons, which connect to other slides in the template. So, clicking the 2020 ribbon on the timeline will take you to another slide with details about 2020. Similarly, clicking the 2025 ribbon on the timeline will take you to a slide with details about that year. These are years marked as sample text; so, you can change them to whatever suits your timeline. This can include years, months, project milestones, etc.

interactive ribbons

The sample slides have been designed to be easily editable. You can add or remove text, images and other fine details to accommodate content suited to your timeline. To return back to the main timeline anytime, click the Home icon from the bottom right corner.

switch to a slide from the timeline

Color Coded Timeline Slides

There is also a ribbon timeline with months, which too can be edited to replace it with something you might deem more suitable, such as perhaps project-based details. Alternatively, you can use the months to create a month-based timeline, connected to other slides in the template. The colors used in the template are arbitrary and can be changed according to need.

ribbons timeline

If you want to add charts or SmartArt Graphics to your slides, there are also slides for that. You can run the template as a slideshow to preview the connectivity of slides, so you understand how to edit them to manage your presentation according to your presentation topic.

2025 timeline chart slide

This ribbon themed timeline is a premium template available at Presenter Media.

Go to Presenter Media – Ribbons Interactive Timeline Template for PowerPoint

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