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Last updated on August 20th, 2023

Nothing is more exciting about planning a vacation than the vacation itself. However, for a vacation to be a memorable success and a truly quality time spent with friends, family and loved ones, thorough planning is important. To help you out, we have one of the many free trip planning templates that you can use to further motivate you to look forward to a fantastic vacation and plan something that will ensure that you will truly have one.

Be Ready On Your Next Vacation

This Free Vacation Planner Template is specially designed for planning vacations, to plan itineraries, transportations, budgets, as well as to anticipate any emergencies. The template features a beautiful, warm theme filled with images related to travel and vacation, such as car, plane, hot air balloons, ship, mountains, sea, city and road.

Prepare the Perfect Vacation with a Planner Template

The template is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional at the same time. Although the template has an autumn-inspired theme with its oranges, reds, browns and yellows, the template can definitely be used whole year round.

There are multiple functional worksheet tabs on the vacation planner template to allow you to comprehensively organize your vacation, wherever and whenever it may be. The first worksheet tab is the Home tab, which features a summary of the progress of every aspect of your vacation plans.

Have a Record of Everyone in the Journey

The second tab is the Personal Details tab which contains the personal information of the people you are bringing with for the vacation. Their information include their Full Names and Nicknames, Home Address, Home Phone, and Cellular Phones. The third tab is the Travel Details, which shows Departure and Arrival Details, such as Dates, Airlines, Flight Numbers, Length of Flight, Seat Numbers, Confirmation Numbers, and more.

Use the Vacation Planner Template for Excel to Cover Every Detail of Your Trip

The fourth tab is the Hotel and Activity tab. This shows the Hotel Stay and Lodging Details, such as Dates of Reservation, Hotel Name and Address, as well as Confirmation Number. It also includes the Vacation Activity Details, where you can list your planned activities during your vacation. For each activity, you can enter the Dates and Times, Reservation, and Confirmation Number.

Make Sure You Have Thoroughly Planned Your Vacation

The fifth tab is the Car Rental tab which shows details if you are renting a car, such as the Rental Company, Pickup and Drop Off Days and Times, Confirmation Number, Vehicle Type, and Phone Number. The sixth and last tab is the Emergency tab, which shows Insurance Details such as Insurance Company, Telephone Number, Coverage Type and Purchase Date. It also contains the Emergency Contact Details of people to call in cases of emergency.

Make Sure You Don’t Forget Anything

A remarkable feature of this planning template is that automatically shows an “x” mark beside an item if you have left it blank. This way, you can always pinpoint what information needs completion so you do not forget any detail.

Be Prepared in Cases of Emergency

This template is perfect for school field trips, group vacations, family holidays, company team buildings, and other events.

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