6 Creative PowerPoint Templates for Your Professional Business Presentations

6 Creative PowerPoint Templates for Your Professional Business Presentations

Creating a compelling and memorable presentation is always every presenter’s dream. While you can’t really please everybody, nothing is more fulfilling for a presenter when they can get everybody’s attention, at the very least.

This is especially true for business presentations when being informative must meet being entertaining and persuasive at the same time. After all, you have an idea to sell. Whether it’s that your business is booming, that you deserve their investment, or that your sales for the month are in good standing, your presentation must get that main idea across.

And what better tool than PowerPoint, right?

PowerPoint has been around for so long and until now, despite the emergence of other presentation tools, this Microsoft Office program remains to be at the forefront in helping you create the best-looking slides, beyond the buzzword of other presentation tools like Prezi, Canva or even Google Slides. In fact, it’s been widely used not just in boardrooms, but in classrooms as well. In both academic and business settings, PowerPoint has been a reliable tool for training, information dissemination, meetings, and even brainstorming sessions.

Now, if you are wondering how you can make the most of PowerPoint on your next business presentation, check out these useful PPT templates for business presentation.

1. Free Professional Handshake PowerPoint Template

This Free Professional Handshake PowerPoint Template is a presentation template that evokes power and unity, the very meaning of the typical business handshake. These handshakes are meaningful and essential in business relations, as these convey agreement and integrity. Now, these are embodied in this free professional business template.

The template, with its blue theme, also evokes trust and professionalism, keeping up with the corporate theme. Every slide of this template has a unified look marked by clean, sleek lines in various shades of blue. The global theme is also emphasized in the world map that is overlaid on the handshake image.

These slides can be easily customized to suit your message and the information you have, so this template can be reused multiple times.

2. Free Office PowerPoint Template

Free Office PowerPoint template

Business presentations should have that perfect balance of form and function. This can be achieved by thoughtful designs, clean lines, neutral palettes, and subtle contrasts. A perfect example of this is this Free Office PowerPoint Template, which features a high-quality photo of a high-rise building, taken from the bottom up, thereby emphasizing the building’s height.

The clean lines from the building complement the clean lines of the template itself, with its muted black and gray gradients and textures, contrasted only by the vibrant orange. The eyes are drawn to this orange band, making it an effective design as it provides you with a focus. This is why in the title slide, the orange band is where the slide title is located.

Looking through the rest of the slides, you will see this smart laying out, with various slide designs that echo the theme, yet create variety enough for the audience to be interested and entertained. Meanwhile, your message will still not get lost in all these designs, as there’s enough space for your information to be presented on each slide. This template is provided for free by FPPT and ready to download.

3. Free Industry PowerPoint Template

Industry PowerPoint template design

If you’re in manufacturing, logistics, shipping or freight, and other similar fields, you will find this next template perfect for all your presentations. The Free Industry PowerPoint Template features a high-quality image of a ship on the foreground and a fleet of factories in the background. These are complemented by blue and yellow geometric graphics to border the slides.

The combination of diagonal lines that are prevalent in the slides, as well as the smoke coming out from the smokestacks and the ship, show the dynamic design of the template. The title slide alone is imposing and effectively sets the stage for your presentation, whether it’s about your business plans, sales pitches, performance, and financial reports.

Meanwhile, the inside slides provide a beautiful contrast with the white or black background and the strong imagery. There’s also ample space for your data, and you can even use coordinating graphs and diagrams that come with the template. These can all also be further customized along with inserting your company logo and slogan so that you can create a deck that you can say is brand-oriented and truly yours.

4. Information Technology PowerPoint Template

IT PowerPoint template design for presentations on Information Technology
Example of PPT template for Business Presentation on Information Technology

For those involved in the Information Technology industry, such as in computers and global data gathering and analysis, this next template is great.

We all know information is power, and big data is now everyone’s buzzword. Therefore, in order to present large amounts of data without confusing your audience, you need a muted background. However, your design doesn’t mean it has to be dull. you still have to create an arresting slideshow without overpowering the information you want to convey.

This Information Technology PowerPoint Template is perfect for that, with its grey gradient background that draws the eye to the middle of the slide. The minimalist look also allows you to focus on the information you’re giving, with just simple yet meaningful graphics to complement the given data. There are also built-in graphs and charts to help you visualize complex information, therefore allowing you to keep your text brief. Alternatively, you can download other free information technology PowerPoint presentation templates.

5. Inertia PowerPoint Template

Professional Inertia PowerPoint template with 100% editable elements and shapes in PowerPoint
Inertia PowerPoint Template for presentations

If you’re in the market for a vibrant, modern, and graphic business template, this Inertia PowerPoint Template is your go-to deck. Prebuilt with highly visual layouts and arresting images, you can definitely catch the attention of your audience with this Inertia PowerPoint Template. This is a professional template provided by SlideModel, one of the top leading websites for professional PowerPoint templates.

With hues of blues and purple, this cool template has a modern appeal that will give you the edge in your presentation. It has modern layouts that make your images and other visuals pop. This template is perfect for business plans and pitches, as you can definitely create a compelling statement with this slide.

Best of all, you can easily customize this template with PowerPoint’s formatting functions. You can also get help from Design options, allowing you to capitalize on the template’s imagery to come up with similar layouts that make your every slide pop.

However you use this free presentation template, you can be sure that you will look sophisticated and highly interesting like you have spent more money and more time with getting this deck done by a professional.

6. Invictus PowerPoint Template

Invictus PowerPoint template design with 100% editable shapes

Another modern presentation is the Invictus PowerPoint Template, which has beautiful, vibrant gradients that effectively display images and data slide per slide. This is another template provided by the top leading provider of 100% editable PowerPoint templates, SlideModel.

This free presentation template is also versatile and easily customizable right within PowerPoint. You can also get help from the program’s Design suggestions feature, which produces layouts based on the elements you have in your slide. You can also be sure that these suggestions also match the theme or style of the template that you already have, in this case, the Invictus template.

With its bold and vibrant colors, high-impact impact images, and minimal text, you can be more confident about your presentation when you use this template. Your deck looks professional and organized.

Final Words

With these free & premium business themed templates in your arsenal, you can be ready and confident whenever you’re tasked to perform any kind of presentation. Best of all, the backgrounds have built-in graphs, charts, and layouts so you can get done faster and can focus more on your speech.

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