Free Time Management PowerPoint Template

Time management is often a pressing issue in organizations. Reaching the office, getting projects done in a set timeline and organizing workflow all have one thing in common, time. The Free Time Management PowerPoint Template provides an illustration of a clock to help presenters emphasize the need for proper time management.

Suitable for All Types of Time Themed Topics

The template starts with a title slide with the image of a large analogue clock, with space for adding your title. The rest of the slides are generic, which you can customize to suit your requirements. This free template for PowerPoint can be used for a plethora of topics, be it to emphasize the need for time management at the workplace, to make slide decks about distance learning, time tracking or to create presentations regarding the importance of time.

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Easy to Edit Slides

You can easily insert charts, create time comparisons, add timelines and illustrations to mould this slide deck according to need. This is a rather minimalist template, however, if you’re looking for animations or need video animations for your presentation, you can check out these Time PowerPoint Templates & Animations.

There are five sample layouts in this template by default. You can pick more layouts via the Layouts menu from the Home tab, as well as duplicate slides according to need. The sample slides types include; title slide, comparison slide, chart slide, and bulleted lists.

To activate the download option, you will require clicking on one of the social icons located at the bottom of the download page of this template.

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