Best Time Tracking And Invoicing Tools in 2016

Time tracking and invoicing tools might be needed by freelancers, small business owners and contractual employees to log and invoice time for their services. Some web portals which bring freelancers and contractors together often provide such tools, however, as more and more people are switching to freelance or temporary work, the need for individual solutions in increasing. Here are our recommendations for the best time tracking and invoicing tools in 2016 that you can use for effectively logging work and billing clients.

  Best time tracking and invoicing tools in 2016

1. Harvest (Free Trial)

This is quite a feature rich time tracking and invoicing software which can be used for time tracking for your team or employees to bill your clients, using anything from a laptop to mobile devices like an iPhone, Android or an Apple Watch. Harvest provides a built-in mechanism for reporting and analyzing your data, with the option to run reports on not just billable but also non-billable time tied to different projects, tasks and clients.

Harvest also supports around 80 popular apps; many of which you are likely to use on a regular basis. These include; Zendesk, Asana, Basecamp, Smartsheet, etc.

Harvest is a paid time tracking app but you can also try it for free to determine its utility for your business.

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2. Zoho Invoice (Free & Paid Versions)

A quick search online might make you believe that there is no real thing as a good free time tracking and invoicing tool, however, Zoho Invoice comes closest to something free and good. This is another feature rich app to help track time, analyze data and bill clients. It has a free version which gives you the option of dealing with 25 customers with great options like time tracking and timesheets, expense tracking, customizable invoice templates, multi-currency support, snail mail and a secure connection. And these are just the features for the free version.

The paid editions provide more features like automation using recurring invoices and additional customers and users for your organization to work with. Zoho invoice has apps for a number of platforms including; Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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Zoho invoice

3. FreshBooks (Free Trial)

FreshBooks is another good tool for employee time tracking, invoicing clients, reporting project billing data, with a special feature; i.e. you can get paid for your projects directly using FreshBooks. While the time tracking and billing options are good enough for you to design professional invoices, track time and generate reports; the real advantage of FreshBooks is that you can accept money from your clients by allowing them to pay you directly from your invoice.

FreshBooks like most paid tools of its kind offers a trial version to enable you to test drive its features before you choose to upgrade. Other than web browser, you can also use FreshBooks via Android or iOS apps.

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Fresh Books

4. Minterapp (Free Trial)

Minterapp is another time tracking tool which you can also use for receiving payments. Some of the main features of Minterapp enable you to track time for billing clients, tag invoices, track and send invoices using Basecamp, send estimates to customers, bill departments separately and receive payments using, PayPal or Stripe.

Minterapp can also be used on a trial basis for free.

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5. Invoice Ninja (Free & Paid Versions)

The basic question many freelancers looking to invoice clients ask themselves is; “how can I track my time?” and the answer isn’t often all that simple. Invoice Ninja gives you a plethora of options to not only track your time but also to create invoices, make work tasks to track time from, email invoices and receive payments; with integration for more than 45 payment gateways, support for multiple currencies, auto-billing and a lot more.

Invoice Ninja has a free edition which is limited to 100 clients. The features in the free edition include a lot of the good stuff, such as auto-billing, the utility to receive payments, work tasks, alerts for invoice views and more.

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Invoice ninja invoicing service

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