Free SWOT Template Ideas for PowerPoint

If you need to present a SWOT Analysis using PowerPoint then using a basic SWOT chart can be enough for the average presenters and audience, but if you want to make stunning PowerPoint presentations and highlight your SWOT analysis results then why not create a custom SWOT slide design with awesome and catchy graphics? Here we will show you some free SWOT templates and SWOT Analysis slide design ideas that you can use in your next PowerPoint presentations including Marketing Plans in PowerPoint, Market Research or Strategy PowerPoint presentations.

Preparing a nice layout for the SWOT Analysis slide design

The typical SWOT template contains four quadrants where you place the four SWOT components like Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Free SWOT PowerPoint Template

This is a very basic but effect slide design that you can use in SWOT Analysis presentation. The free editable SWOT Template for Microsoft PowerPoint contains four quadrant with the SWOT components and a central core with editable text.

Free Butterfly SWOT Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint

Alternatively you can try other extraordinary diagrams for SWOT analysis presentations like the butterfly diagram design created with oval shapes.

You can also download other nice SWOT PowerPoint presentation designs including professional and ready-made PowerPoint templates with animated illustrations and relevant PowerPoint icons.

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