Free Stop Sign Image for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need a catchy stop sign image for PowerPoint presentations then this is free image submitted by is a good example of image that you can use. This photo was taken with our own camera in a trip to Palm Beach and we were tempted to take and provide this stop sign photo for free to all our users. Stop signs can be used in a variety of PowerPoint presentations starting from business presentations to other non-business related presentations.

free stop sign image

Alternatively to free stop sign images, you can use stop sign shapes and PowerPoint graphics provided by PowerPoint in the clip art gallery. However, modern PowerPoint presentations use catchy and high quality images.

What’s included in this Stop Sign package?

  • A free stop sign image and picture in high quality and saved as JPG format
  • A free PowerPoint template using the stop sign image with transparency background

You are allowed to use this free image in your personal or commercial projects, but not allowed to distribute the image alone or impersonate the author.

In PowerPoint presentations, the stop sign is an example of graphic that you can use to make business decision PowerPoint templates or presentations. For example, if you need to prepare slides for PowerPoint to be used to take decisions or choose along different business strategies, then you can use the stop sign in a cross road.

Stop Sign Image and PowerPoint Template (1630 downloads )

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