Free Australia Map PowerPoint Template

Australia is an amazing continent filled with various wildlife and diverse marine ecology. Filled with beaches, sunny savannahs, amazing grasslands, and colorful collection of coral reefs, there’s always something fun to do in Australia. Now if you’re a teacher or someone who wants to promote Australia’s tourism, you can use this next template.


Showcase Australia’s Beauty

The Free Australia Map PowerPoint Template is a handy template that you can use if you’re creating presentations about the continent down south. This template is free to download and use as many times as you need, and you can even use it for many different purposes, for personal, work, or school use.

This versatile template features a neutral background of white and light grey in a gradient effect. There is also a map overlay, which is that of the continent of Australia.


Easily Customize the Slides

The inside slides showcase a wide variety of slide layouts, still with the same neutral white and gray theme. Like the title slide, the font is the same sans serif modern face. It is also in black so it easily stands out against the background. The various layouts allow you to insert different kinds of data in different ways, such as in the form of tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, or just lists and texts.

If you find this template too drab and you want to add some color, you can do that by changing the font colors to make the text pop out. You can also customize the objects, such as the diagrams, so that they will have colors that still coordinate with each other and yet complement the theme.


This template is perfect for geography presentations, as well as those concerning tourism and hospitality and history. For businesses, this free template can be used for presentations about sales, performance reports, market share evaluations, etc.

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