Free Group Weight Tracker Template For Excel

As they say, “The more the merrier.” This is also true when it comes to the daunting task of weight-watching, even weight loss. Having a fit and healthy lifestyle is always much easier and much more fun when you are surrounded with people who have the same lifestyle and goal as you. 


The Free Group Weight Tracker Template for Excel is one of the many wonderful uses of Excel for your lifestyle. This fitness template allows you to track the weight and goals of multiple people over a period of time and add new months and new people.

Community is Good

The Free Group Weight Tracker Template for Excel is great for workout buddies, or if you are a trainer keeping track of your clients’ progress. It can also be used for your family or friends so you can keep track of your weights and encourage each other to stay fit and have a balanced diet.


With the Free Group Weight Tracker Template for Excel, you can compare weights among multiple people and see their progress over time. You can see who is consistent or who is losing weight or not. This weight data is set against a Starting Weight and a Goal Weight which is displayed on the Excel spreadsheet.

Detailed and informative

The Free Group Weight Tracker Template for Excel is a professionally designed template that contains detailed information every weight-tracker should know. It contains the Month and the names of the people whose weight you are tracking. There is also the Starting and Goal Weights for each person, with the maximum and minimum weights they have within the month. The table will also give you a Lost Percentage, so you know how much percentage of weight you have lost and you can compare it to others.


The Free Group Weight Tracker Template for Excel also gives you the average weight you have within a certain month. Aside from that, you will also see how much more pounds–or kilos– you have to lose to reach your goal and the total weight you have lost within that month or period.

As mentioned earlier, you can add more months to your Weight Tracker Template. All you have to do is to drag the Month 1 sheet tab to create a new month and rename it. To add more people, just copy and paste the pre-made columns to add more people.

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