Free Back to School PowerPoint Template

A new school year can be exciting for students, parents, and teachers alike. For students, it means they are entering another stage in their lives. Meanwhile, teachers can’t wait to greet a new batch of young children back to school. Often, it is during the first days of school that teachers and students should establish a good impression with each other and get to know what the class is all about.


If you are a teacher or school administrator and you want to keep your students excited about being back to school, then you can use this Free Back to School PowerPoint Template. Free and compatible with modern PowerPoint versions, this educational template can be used to welcome and orient students on the first day of the school year.

Start the School Year with a Bang

This template in PowerPoint is versatile and can be used for students of any grade level, even high schools and college levels. It features a brown and blue theme, with a chalkboard background that is specially created for the school or academic theme. Containing 19 slides that complement each other for a cohesive deck, this Back to School template has a formal look that is still eye-catching and easily readable, making it perfect for small to large audience types alike.


Organized Slide with Ready-Made Placeholders

The template starts with a title slide with the zoomed in chalkboard image and dark brown borders. This same look goes to the inside slides, where the headers have a blue chalkboard image background and the dark brown background effectively contrasts against the white text. The inside slides contain a welcome or introductory slide, it is followed by slides that contain the teacher’s background and experience, goals, class subjects, topics, rules, as well as details about homework, tardiness, and field trips.

These subjects are organized with transition slides with subtopic titles. You can add more slides if you have more topics to cover.


You can also add graphs, charts, images, and animations to make your presentation come alive. If the theme is not to your liking, you can change the theme using the Design Menu.

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