EPSON iProjection for PowerPoint

EPSON iProjection for PowerPoint is a new solution introduced by EPSON that allows you to deliver wireless presentations while integrating your mobile devices: smartphones and tablets in your organization.

EPSON iProjection for PowerPoint

The application for presentations let you display these awkward holiday snaps on any wirelessly connected (Epson branded) projectors from your iOS device.

All you need is to make sure your iPod, iPad or iPhone are connected to the same network as the projector, launch the app and make sure the first thing on show isn’t that candid shot of you on a beach.

You’ll be able to pull PowerPoint presentations as well as other image format files or documents like PDF, JPEG and PNG image. You can also take advantage of the cloud storage including a Dropbox account and Gmail. This let you open Word or PowerPoint presentations as well as Excel spreadsheets or Keynote presentation files from the desktop.

You can download the application for free from the App store, although projects may be expensive. For Android devices there may exist some other good alternatives. THe connection may be different as well, since some projectors run wireless other need to be connected using HDMI or VGA. Remember that HDMI is digital while VGA is analog. But there may be an analog to HDMI converter box.