Where to Download PowerPoint Icon

There are many free icon download websites where you can download free icons including MS Office icons for PowerPoint, Access, Word, Excel and any other program. If you are a developer  you may be interested to use a PowerPoint icon in a Document Content Management tool or any other website where you share documents online, including PDF, PPT, Keynote or any other presentation format. If this is the case then you may be interested to download some nice PowerPoint icons.

Small PowerPoint Icons

If you need small PowerPoint icons then  you can browse and download free icons from websites like IconArchive or

Find Icons is another free website where you can download PowerPoint icons and graphics. You can browse a huge collection of Microsoft Office icons and art, including PowerPoint icons.

Free PowerPoint Icon Download

Another alternative to download free MS PowerPoint icon is to get it from Windows icons repository, when you install Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Office.



This is an example of PowerPoint icon that you can download in PNG format with transparency.

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