Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerPoint

PowerPoint Presentations gained their share of recognition and fame, as soon as they were introduced to the technical and not so technically strong world. With almost every age group used to this visual demonstration, which makes the subject interesting and keeps the audience engaged; there certainly are some drawbacks of this technique as well.

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Lets us draw an estimation with an overview of the advantages and disadvantages, of this technique:

Ease of creation

Advantage: These can be created easily, one does not need to be some designing expert to prepare an amusing presentation.

Disadvantage: This very often proves detrimental, because people end up preparing presentations which are either filled with images or are just plain text.

Alluring Exhibition

Advantage: PowerPoint Presentations have always had a higher hand over others because there is always an excitement about what the slides will reveal. This keeps the listeners engaged in the whole act.

Disadvantage: In planning the strategies to create a captivating content, the presenters often compromise on the factual part, losing on the actual focus. Moreover if the imagery is too fascinating the audience loses interest in what the speaker is saying.

Blend of content and graphics

Advantage: The content can be presented in the form of bullet points, which is a cue for the presenter. Even the readers want to read small simple lines, rather than paragraphs.

Images, pictures and these days even videos have become an integral part of presentation to display your creativity and invite attentions.

Disadvantage: If the synchronization of content and imagery is not balanced it might turn out to be a blunderous creation.

There are many presentations, especially ones related to the technological sector where graphics cannot be interesting. So it should be avoided, without compromising on the content and engaging factor.

Presentation Skills

Advantage: This is always at test, but with a PowerPoint Presentation the confidence is boosted. You do not have to be a great orator or prepare a speech; as you prepare the presentation, you educate yourself on the topic simultaneously.

Disadvantage: Ofttimes people use it as a dodge and congest the slides with their ideas, so that they have to speak lesser or not at all.

When preparing a PowerPoint Presentation one should remember that it is a critical technique. Its high points may turn out to be ineffective for you, if not utilized properly.

One important point that you should keep in mind when devising a presentation is understanding your target audience. It helps a great deal, in brainstorming, creating and presenting too.

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