Download Free Gears PowerPoint Templates for Presentations

If you need to prepare presentations on bright ideas and describe a business process, then gear illustrations can be really helpful. Today we are releasing this free gears PowerPoint template that you can download if you need gear illustrations and graphics for your presentations.

Download Free Gears PowerPoint Templates for Presentations

These gears were created using shapes and you can individually ungroup the shapes if you need to change the shape properties but in most cases you can just copy and paste the gears into your presentations and then edit the small tables inside the slide based on your needs.

Here is a sample or preview to convince you to download this free template with gear shapes for PowerPoint 2010 but also compatible with PowerPoint 2013 and other older versions of PowerPoint.

gear powerpoint

If you need more graphics for PowerPoint then you can download other free gear PowerPoint templates and BPM or business process management PowerPoint templates from our site.

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