Benefits of Shapes vs. Pictures in PowerPoint

PowerPoint and its features let you edit and create slide demonstrations, depicting an interesting and sometimes and arty look. Adding more improvisations with the launch of its new versions, it has certainly extended the realms of projecting your creativeness through presentations.

From Boring to Vibrant

Now your audience looks forward to something creative, in terms of display in the slides. There are ample options for one to make them absorbing and entrancing, by making use of the various provisions in the software.

Ease of Usability

The makers have tried their level best in making this simple presentation technique even simpler. There are more organized and added highlights, so that you can create a stimulating demonstration within no time.

However, with these added specialties there are also increased number of confusion in the minds of the users, about which feature to use and which one to avoid. Amongst these befuddling characters are Shapes vs. Pictures.

Let’s cast a glance and find out which one has an upper-hand in the contest:

For Technical Presentations

Since these might require diagrams and even flowchart programs, shapes prove to be better options. Although in many cases pictures are used, however arrows or circles are inserted to mark comments or any added information.

For Corporate Presentations

Inserting stock images or other pictures is a convenient option, for it gives a better impact and the demonstration can easily be created.

Although in this regard one point is noteworthy, graphs are a vital part of corporate presentations and they are also an enhanced version of the Shapes feature.

For Educational Presentations

They are the most tricky and critical type of presentation to create. The audience in this scenario is very difficult to please. They are sure to get more impressed with the colorful pictures, but if it is a more methodological exhibition then Shapes comes handy.

Furthermore, if one is not skillful with the editing habits, then he might not be able to do justice to the Pictures section. Although the inclusion of various formatting tools in the software has augmented the skills of the users.

The judgment whether to include High Quality images & Pictures, Shapes or both of these is a decisive turn, for they have to be placed such that they increase the aesthetic value of your presentation and not spoil it.

So, next time while creating your PowerPoint presentation, give these characteristics a serious thought and also test your innovational skills.

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