Daily Infant Schedule Template for Excel 2013

To sum it up, a baby pretty much needs only four things—foods, sleep, play and love. However, the complication starts in knowing what your baby requires when and how much of it. Balancing your baby’s needs with your own is also important. This is why many parents get into a routine or schedule with their infants to help make their life easier. The Daily Infant Schedule Template for Excel 2013 is a great tool for parents to develop a schedule with their infant. This helps foster a secure environment for your little baby since you will have a predictable pattern of activities that would attend to your little ones’ every need.


Track Your Babies Feeding Time, Diaper Change, Weight And Other Important Details

The Daily Infant Schedule Template for Excel 2013 is a helpful Excel Schedule Template to track your baby’s feedings, diaper changes, intake, output, and weight each day. This template is helpful especially for first-time parents so they have a better grasp of how to maintain a schedule for their baby.

Each day in the Schedule Template is broken down into time blocks. Each block can be assigned a color that corresponds to every infant activity or diaper changes. The legends are in distinct bright colors and are as follows: Feeding, Play, Sleep, BM (Bowel Movement), Wet and Dry. There are also two extra categories where you can add other activities you want for your infant’s routine.


With the color coded activities in the Excel template, you can easily capture a pattern for your baby and start enforcing them, depending on your baby’s actual needs.

The Daily Infant Schedule Template for Excel 2013 also lets you keep track of many things about your infant. It lets you see the progress of your baby’s weight gain as a daily average. There is also a chart where you can have a visual representation of your infant’s weight gain over time. Aside from that, the Daily Infant Schedule Template also allows you to monitor your daily diaper changes.

To update the Daily Infant Schedule Template, you can just copy and paste the legend that corresponds to your infant’s activity. This is automatically updated and averaged to give you daily reports.

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