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If there was ever a place where one could combine social networking with interactive posters, blogging and Pinterest like Pinboards, it couldn’t be much different from Glogster. “Glog” stands for “Graphic Blog”, which is exactly what Glogster is. This web service makes it possible to create “Glogs” containing text, videos, images and audio from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Google, Flickr, etc. Using Glogster you can create infographics, online presentations, blogs, walls, educational content and the like.


How To Create A Glog

To create your Graphic Blog (Glog), sign in with a Glogster account or via your Facebook profile. Once logged in, you can select a Glog type to begin working on. The available options include; Poster Glog, Wiki Glog, Flypaper Glog, Wanted Glog, Pinboard Glog, Games Glog, etc. These Glog types are basically readymade templates that can be used for making a blog post, wish list, Wiki style page, a presentation with features more interactive than PowerPoint or even a picture of your friend with a Wanted sign.

Create a Glog

Add Audio, Video, Text, Images And More

You can add items to your Glog via various sources. For example, you can fetch videos from YouTube or Vimeo or add images from Google, Photobucket, Facebook, Picasa or Flickr. You can also add content via a specific URL or upload your own videos, music and photos.

Add Audio, Video, Text, Images And More

Preview, Save And Share Your Glog

After you have added content to your Glog, you can preview it, save the changes and make adjustments. Adjusting items on a Glog can be done by simply dragging around your added videos, audio and images.

Sample Glog

You can either choose to keep your Glog Private or make it Public to share it via direct link and sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

Share Your Glog

Glogster Edu

It is also worth mentioning here that Glogster Edu is an exclusive related service which serves as an e-learning platform with partners like Wikispaces, Teacher Tube and TinyPic. Glogster Edu is basically and educational platform for teachers and students to use Glogs for e-learning.

Glogster EDU

Glogster is a completely free service, however, there is a Glogster store where you can buy Gs (Glogster Credits) for advertising your Glog. Ever user gets 50 Gs on registration.

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