Certificate of Excellence Template For PowerPoint

When your employees perform well and exceed expectations, it is great to acknowledge them. Recognizing their hard work and adherence to company standards is also a good way to motivate them as well as to set an example to others. This ensures that all your employees will strive for excellence.


This said, the Certificate of Excellence Template for PowerPoint can help you reward outstanding employees and make them feel recognized for their hard work. This certificate template is easy to use and reuse anytime for any occasion because of its classic design and versatility.

Award Employees or Students for Excellence

This template features a trophy theme that spells achievement and excellence. It equates to actually giving out a trophy like in athletic games. This time, though, the reward is for work achievements, from high sales records to perfect attendance.

It contains a clean, light grey background with an image of a trophy. This same image is duplicated and multiplied, this time in blue, on both sides of the certificate, serving as a frame. There is also an image of a blue ribbon, which also signifies excellence.


Right in the middle of the certificate is the text, which has sample text and guides to give you an idea of how your own certificate will look like, and so that you can easily edit the portions that you need.

Easily Customize the Template

There is enough space to write the name of the company or school, the name of the certificate of excellence recipient, class or project name, date, and presenter’s name and title.

Such a template, with its versatility, can be used not only for work but also for school, organizations, and even for household use if you want to award children for a job well done especially in terms of household chores.


If blue is not your style, you can change the theme with any other color by going to the Design tab on the Ribbon. Here you can choose different themes and variants for your own certificate of excellence.

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