Planned Obsolescence: Understanding the Crucial Business Concept with Types and Examples

Businesses use various tactics and techniques to increase their sales and revenue on a long-term and consistent basis. They apply engaging marketing strategies, advertisements campaigns, and branding efforts to keep the target audience engaged and informed about the upcoming features of the newly introduced products or services. Many tangible and intangible phenomena are taken into …

Gap Analysis: An Ultimate Guide with Examples

In the business world, our prime focus is to generate maximum results using minimal resources. Hence attainment of efficiency is one of the main desires of every business regarding its inputs and outputs. But a question arises here. How many businesses and companies achieve their proposed or desired production or growth targets? How many companies …

How to Conduct a Risk Assessment

How to Conduct a Risk Assessment

Assessing risk is important to protect individuals, assets, the environment, etc. Risk assessment is a key element of broader risk management strategies and is used across multiple sectors. If you want to learn about how to conduct a risk assessment, we have a few basic guidelines to help you get started.

How Long Until Robots Take Our Jobs?

How Long Until Robots Take Our Jobs

It’s 2020, and we are fully cemented in the gilded age of technology. This tech-heavy and Internet-centric age that we are living in comes with some advantages and disadvantages. In terms of the job market, many jobs are switching from human-based and analog to automated and digital. Technology has definitely created many jobs, but it …