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Comprehensively Manage All Mobile Devices in Your Enterprise With AirWatch

In the wake of BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives the need for enterprise security and management of mobile devices has increased. There are very few solutions which allow comprehensive management of all mobile devices across an enterprise and one of them is AirWatch.

Calculating Food Costs Using ChefTec Culinary Software

Calculate Food Cost per Recipe

Running a restaurant takes up countless hours of planning, organizing, accounting, management, and of course, maintaining that balance between food cost and quality. You can create a food cost calculator spreadsheet from scratch but that would usually take up a lot of time that you would rather spend on being on top of your food …

Create Wireframes With Online Collaboration Using iPlots

Collaborative and Project Management Tool

If you work in application or design, or software programming, you may at times need to create a framework on how you want your website or program to go. A framework provides an overview and a plot or outline of the whole project, making it easier for your team to understand how you want your …

Conduct Virtual Events With On24

Virtual Environments with On24

Today’s technological advancements allow us to not only talk with people from other parts of the globe–it allows us to talk to them as if we are face-to-face. With a click of a button meetings, conferences, seminars, and even parties can be held in what we call as webcasting.

EasyPrompter: Free Teleprompter For Speeches And Presentations

Reading through a presentation script or speech can become quite easy if you have a teleprompter running in front of you. However, not everyone may be able to arrange a teleprompter for a presentation or speech. If you need a quick and easy method for turning your laptop, smartphone or tablet into an instant teleprompter, …

Best Resources For Deploying Complex Surveys Online

Conducting a survey online can be quite costly and difficult. Many a times the basic issue is to identify the right platform to target a specific market niche or to gather response from actual and potential clients. In what is to follow we will provide you with a list of different resources that you can …

Conduct Corporate Video Conferences With Lync App For iPhone And iPad

Microsoft Lync is a famous application from the Microsoft Office suite which provides some very impressive video conferencing features. Interestingly, Microsoft Lync is not just restricted to Microsoft products like Windows based operating systems, Windows 8 tablets or Windows Phone, but is also available for competitor devices; including Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. Unlike common …

5 Great Home Based Business Opportunities

With tens of thousands of people shifting their focus towards starting home based businesses, it is considered to be a fruitful option. These offer usual benefits of flexible work hours, no commutation to the work place, reduced tax deductions, work at your will kind of environment and the list goes on, however, where there are …

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