Calendar Insights Excel Template

Whether you’re a busy executive, an on-the-go parent or anything else in between, you need to always be one step ahead if ever you need to get something done on time and according to plan. If you’re using an email service and many other social networks and you want to sync all your calendars to put them in one place, then you’ll be happy to find out that this next calendar template does all that and more.

Gain Better Insight into Your Calendar

The Calendar Insights Excel Template is an awesome Excel calendar template that uses the latest features of Excel 2016. This state-of-the-art calendar insights template makes use of the Get function that is newly available in the latest version of Excel. This allows you to import your calendar into Excel using the Exchange Server. From here, you can start to view your calendar activities and update them within a given time period.

Calendar insights Excel Template

The Calendar Insights feature in this template allows you to get better, more extensive and easily customizable information about your calendar. This means you are more in tune with your schedules and appointments. The calendar reflects your own activities. One great example is it shows how much time you spend in meetings, whom you often meet with, and which part of the day you usually have meetings.

Calendar insights in Excel

Know What Matters Most with Advanced Analytics

This template is great as it uses the template’s various worksheet tabs in an interactive and convenient way to introduce to you the calendar insights and Exchange Server features of Excel for your own calendar. You can toggle through the worksheet tabs to find out how to get started.

First, you need to connect to the Exchange Server to import your calendar. From here, you only need to enter your email and password and then start the import by clicking Connect. You can either use your Exchange or Microsoft account to log in. Then, you can create a new calendar by clicking on New and selecting Calendar Insights.

Calendar insights from Exchange server

You can see through the Dashboard, the Meeting Insights which contain detailed analytics based on your calendar activities.

Go to Download Calendar Insights Excel Template [Update: This template is no longer available, buy you can still check our Excel templates here]

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