Budget For Garden And Landscaping Template For Excel

A landscaping job for your garden can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on how big the space is and what you plan to have for your garden and landscape design. In order to ensure that your landscaping project goes according to plan and that you stay within a reasonable budget, you can use many budgeting tools. 

The Budget for Garden and Landscaping Template for Excel is a stylish spreadsheet template specially designed for landscaping or garden renovation needs. From the design to the table function and formula, the template will help you establish a landscaping budget and stick to it.

Budget Planning Template Specially Made for Gardening

For Personal or Professional Use

This template even has aesthetics meant for gardens and landscaping. The theme features grass and seeds, as well as the different shades of green, are found all throughout the template, starting with the first of two tabs, which is the Garden Budget tab itself.

Know How Much You Have Spent Even At A Glance

The Garden Budget worksheet tab is a highly visual yet also informative template that displays your garden budget, total costs, and the difference as a summary. The Difference part shows how much is left to spend to say that you are still within your budget and there is a check mark indicator to say that you are still within budget. Beside this summary is the pie chart that shows your Budget vs Costs. The pie chart shows whether your costs dominate your chart, which would mean that you overspent.

Create Beautiful Charts Instantly

There is also another chart, this time a bar graph of the Plant Expenses. This shows the various plants you have in your garden and how much you have spent for each one. Underneath this visual data representation is a table. This table shows the Type (Plants, Flowers or Trees), Plants (or plant name), Description, Quantity, Cost, Total, and Total Plants.

In this same worksheet tab, you can also find shapes that contains tips and guides on how to add new rows or filter the table by using slicers.

Budget for Every Area of Your Garden

Meanwhile, the List worksheet tab is the second tab of the template which contains the various garden areas, such as plants, flowers, plant food, mulch, fencing and furniture, to name a few. These are all sections of the garden that need to be carefully planned out and budgeted in order for each of these to work together according to the budget and plan. You can, for example set your flowers as a priority if you want to make a flower garden, or maybe make plant food your priority if you want to grow fruit-bearing plants or trees.

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