offering Free 25Gb Cloud Storage Space for New Accounts

Cloud storage service has begun offering up a great deal more free space than usual for new accounts. You can get your 25Gb free storage in the cloud signing up in Box.

This is a good alternative to Dropbox (free 5Gb) and other cloud services like SkyDrive (7Gb).  Recently we saw how Google Docs has since morphed into Drive. is also in the battle to get users to store personal and office related documents like PowerPoint PPT presentations or even Word and Excel documents, images and more in the cloud. Dropbox, Drive and Box all started somewhere around 2 GB of free space.

With the new services offered by Microsoft like the new, Skydrive was offering 7 GB of free space in support of storing, creating and sharing Microsoft Office documents.

Accordingly to the article, as we continue on our increasingly mobile lives, cloud online storage seems to be where our “stuff” resides. Having 25Gb storage space for free can be very helpful for many applications and uses, for example you can use it for online backup, and why not to serve your static websites and images.

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