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Last updated on November 16th, 2023

As paperback books are quickly vanishing along with our libraries, there is a dire need for finding sources from where people can download free e-books. Buying e-books can cost you a fortune and since so many things online our free (such as the Free PowerPoint Templates that we provide), it is quite natural that people don’t want to pay for expensive e-books at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This is why we thought that it’s time we brought our readers some nice sources from where they can download free e-books and that too without violating any copyrights. (Download Free eBooks And Magazines)

Free eBooks has a wide range of collection of eBooks from new authors and best sellers, as well as magazines. Free eBooks is a place where you can freely download eBooks and magazines and even upload your own books. There are even Android and iOS apps for that can be used for downloading books from this website. It is worth mentioning here that you will have to create a free account to download ebooks and magazines from this website.

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Boundless (Free Text Books)

There comes a time when one just can’t understand the curriculum and wants a free and easy to grab e-book that can help understand the boring assignment or lecture given at school. While a lot of free information is available via Wikipedia, however it can often be unreliable or too confusing due to the vast amount of unnecessary information added to a Wikipedia page. Boundless is an excellent service that offers free e-books. It is a part of what can be called the “Open Education Movement”, which encourages the free availability of educational content and education on the whole. At Boundless you can download textbooks that are royalty free and can be downloaded without violating any copyrights. You can find out more from our Review of Boundless.


Koobits (Download Free Animated eBooks).

Koobits is a Windows application which allows organizing and downloading e-books. While all books are not available for free but you can get up to 1 e-book every day. One of the best reasons to download free books via Koobits is to get nice animated e-books. You can find out more from our Review of Koobits.

Koobits Animated ebook

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