Best Resources For Deploying Complex Surveys Online

Conducting a survey online can be quite costly and difficult. Many a times the basic issue is to identify the right platform to target a specific market niche or to gather response from actual and potential clients. In what is to follow we will provide you with a list of different resources that you can use for deploying complex surveys online.


1. Zoho Survey (Web Service)

You might have heard of the famous web based Zoho Office Suite, which is widely used by businesses all over the world. Zoho also provides a very fine survey platform known as Zoho Survey. Using this platform you can create custom surveys and instantly deploy them online. Zoho Survey also provides templates for business surveys, NGO surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, education, health, marketing, market research, even feedback and other types of surveys.

Zoho has both a free and paid version, however, even the free edition of Zoho’s free survey software is good enough to yield results, as it allows 15 questions and 150 responses per survey. Furthermore, Zoho Survey also comes with support for MailChimp for instantly deploying your surveys online.

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Zoho Survey

2. FluidSurveys (Web Service)

This is another good web service for creating and deploying complex surveys online. Like Zoho Survey, FluidSurveys also offers a free version with unlimited surveys, 20 questions per survey, 150 responses per survey, along with real-time response analysis. With this web service you can create online and offline surveys, as well as mobile and tablet surveys.

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3. Feedback Server ( Survey Software)

This is an survey software and form maker for deploying surveys online. Feedback Server can be used for as a web based survey software for conducting surveys across an organization or to gather client feedback. Feedback Server can also be useful for academic institutions (e.g. for acquiring student responses). Feedback Server is available on a trial basis and in the form of an online demo.

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Feedback Server Software

4. Lime Survey (PHP Survey Software)

Lime Survey is an open source PHP software which is simply a free survey software that you can use for conducting web based surveys. Users can develop and publish surveys and gather responses, without the need for programming.

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5. IntelliSurvey (Enterprise Survey Service Provider)

Many organizations don’t have the time and resources to conduct surveys on their own, this is where IntelliSurvey can be of immense help. IntelliSurvey is a personalized enterprise survey service provider which provides organizations with primary market research data. For more details see the link given below.

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