Animated Hexagons Template For PowerPoint

The Hexagons Toolkit is an Animated PowerPoint Template which shows hexagon pieces in different layouts. This hexagon template can be useful in making business diagrams, to illustrate complex ideas with the help of (editable) animated slides and to present presentations about topics like bee hives, chain of events, project timelines and even production processes.

Hexagon Toolkit Template For PowerPoint

Hexagon Slides With Dynamic Layouts

The layouts in this template are quite dynamic, as they can be easily changed by rearranging the hexagon shapes. You can use the pre-rendered animations by simply adding text and optionally images to the given slides. Once you switch to Slide Show mode, your added content will play in conjunction with the pre-rendered animations that come with the sample slides.

Hexagons For PowerPoint

Ideal For Sequential Slides

The slide designs in this template are quite ideal for making sequential slides, ranging from timelines to production process diagrams. Each aspect of the template comes as a separate item, which can be moved, copied, deleted or edited with great ease. The slides provide a 3D layout of hexagons with strings attached to each shape. Other then the given shapes, you can even move the strings via drag and drop to adjust them according to need.


Change Hexagon Colors To Customize Template

You can even change the color of the hexagon shapes by changing the gradient color via Format Shape (right-click on the shape and go to Format Shape).

Change Color Of Hexagons

Another method by which you can edit the template is by selecting custom colors from the Presenter Media website before downloading the template. Once you have picked your desired colors, click Customize to render a template with your selected colors and adjustments.

Customize Hexagons Template

Hexagons Toolkit is available for PowerPoint for PC and Mac, including the following versions:

  • PowerPoint 2007-2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)

Go to Presenter Media – Hexagons Toolkit For PowerPoint

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