7 Best Photo Editing Services

7 Best Photo Editing Services

Image editing companies have teams of professionals who provide online photo editing services. They edit portrait, wedding, product, real estate, and newborn photos, provide image restoration and creative photo manipulation services. These companies are perfect for photographers who don’t have time to improve photos or beginners who are not good at post-processing.

To help you choose the best photo editing online service, we tested several websites and their services paying attention to quality, pricing, discounts, deadlines, and customer support of each agency.

1. FixThePhoto – Best Price-Quality Ratio

Pricing: From $0.20 to $10

Turnaround Time: 1 business day

·         Reasonable pricing


·         High-end customer support

·         Decent results

·         Discounts available

·         Haven’t been found

FixThePhoto is an image editing company that provides services for $2-5 per photo. The team provides basic portrait retouching, high-quality image processing, batch wedding photo editing, photo recovery services, etc.

FixThePhoto is one of the largest global services with a client base in 100+ countries, such as the USA, UK, and European countries. The company has been on the market since 2003 and has edited more than 3 million photos. Due to their affordable prices and high quality of work, the service has many regular customers.

To check out their portfolio, go to the Before/After section on the official page. Before starting working on a project, the team communicates with customers and analyzes their style. If you send an image by email, you will get a free quote.

As for the final result, FixThePhoto exceeded all the expectations. They professionally smoothed the skin without affecting natural tones as well as removed stray hair. Besides, we were surprised by the perfectly retouched clothes. Their specialists focus on details and send beautifully enhanced photos to customers.

By the way, we received the final result by the next day, which makes them faster than other services.

2. WeEdit.Photos – Natural Face Retouching

Photo Editing Services Weedit Photos Touching

Price: from $0.2 to $10 per photo

Turnaround time: 2 business days

·         A full package of photo processing services


·         Encrypted protocols for image delivery

·         Round-the-clock customer support

·         Professional team

·         Registration is a must

WeEdit.Photos provides a variety of photo editing services for as little as $5 per image. The service is perfect for novice photographers and professionals who do not want to waste time. The list of services includes color correction, post-production, culling, face retouching, beauty retouching, etc.

Beginners can get a lot of tips to improve their editing skills. Experienced photographers will also receive professionally edited images. The company provides 24/7 customer support. You can leave a request at any time of the day.

Unlike FixThePhoto, WeEdit.Photos sent us the results in two days, however, we were satisfied with the quality. The specialists removed skin imperfections, made the colors richer, and removed the model’s hair.

3. WeddingRetouching – High-End Photo Editing

Photo Editing Services Wedding Retouching

Pricing: From $0.20 to $10 per image

Turnaround Time: 2 business days

·         User-friendly website


·         Realistic photo editing

·         User-oriented ordering system

·         Great customer support

·         Specializes in wedding photography

WeddingRetouching is one of the best photo editing services that specializes in wedding and event photography. Their prices start at $5 per picture. To check out their works, go to the Gallery tab on their official site.

The service offers 5 packages, including Simple Edit, Pro Edit, Advanced Edit, Color Correction, and Culling. In addition to wedding photography, the company also edits family photos, processes black and white photographs, removes backgrounds, and retouches pictures with models.

We were surprised by the nice color correction and dust removing. The team adjusts the white balance and contrast to create a pleasing color gamut. Make sure to provide the team with clear instructions and reference photos in advance if you want to get a good result.

4. HighEndBeautyRetouching – For Catalog Photos

Photo Editing Services High End Beauty Retouching

Pricing: From $10 to $150 per image

Turnaround Time: 3 business days

·         Detail-focused


·         Great face retouching

·         Amazing portfolio

·         Responsible customer service

·         Expensive


·         No discounts

·         Poor color correction

HighEndBeautyRetouching is an image processing service that edits photos for catalogs. Among the main clients of the company are magazines, advertising companies, newspapers, etc. They charge from $80 per photo.

The team provides a wide variety of services, such as glamour editing, clothes retouching, model photography, professional face and hair processing, HDR post-processing, and more. You can easily find their portfolio on their website. There you will also see detailed descriptions and examples of 4 types of services that differ in the level of complexity.

In our opinion, HighEndBeautyRetouching did a good job at removing imperfections on face. It might be better to pay attention to other services, if the price matters for you.

5. Nude Retouching – Easy to Order

Photo Editing Services Nude Retouching

Pricing: From $5 to $15 per image

Turnaround Time: 4 business days

·         Good customer service


·         Easy to place an order

·         Before/after samples

·         Specializes mostly in boudoir photography

Nude Retouching specializes in enhancing mostly nude or boudoir images. The company charges an average of $10 per image and collaborates with the best boudoir photographers from New York and London.

If you want to evaluate the quality of their works, you can check the before/after photos on the official website. Thanks to the photo enlargement option, users can see everything to the smallest detail.

If we compare Nude Retouching to other services, we can say that they deliver good results. The skin tone as well as color correction look great. We also like the dust removal.

The only disadvantage is that the company completed our order in 4 days. If you are looking for faster results, you can pay for the Rush Service, which allows you to get up to 50 shots per day.

6. RetouchUp

Photo Editing Services Retouch Effect

Pricing: from $2.5 per image

Turnaround Time: 5 business days

·         Fast order placement


·         Before/after samples

·         Affordable prices

·         Poor photo quality


·         Lack of information

Similarly to other photo editing services, RetouchUp offers several editing packages to choose from, including Complete Retouch ($2.5), Complete Plus Retouch ($5), and Special Services Retouch ($10).

We weren’t happy with the quality of the result. The experts did a good job with color correction, but portrait editing leave a lot to be desired. The model’s skin looks unnatural. Besides, our requirements were partially ignored.

7. Deepetch

Photo Editing Services Deepetch

Pricing: $2 per 1 credit

Turnaround Time: 6 business days

·         A variety of services


·         Generous discounts

·         Before/after samples

·         Poor editing quality


·         Weak customer service

·         No fixed prices

Deepetch is a large company that offers services all over the world. The price for the processed photo is about $20, which is quite expensive. Their professionals can remove the background, recolor parts of the photo, create layers, use various masking and editing tools. They use modern techniques for processing photos that also enhance clothing, accessories, furniture, and other elements of an image.

We are not satisfied with the quality of the enhanced photos, since the editing was done partially. There are still some defects on the model’s chin. We are also disappointed with color correction, as the retouchers did not take into account our preferences and made the photo slightly bright.

8. Evolve Edits

Photo Editing Services Evolve Edits

Pricing: $199 per a monthly subscription

Turnaround Time: 7 business days

·         Services of any complexity


·         VIP clients get discounts

·         Work with clients’ presets

·         Too expensive


·         Pricing policy

Evolve Edits is a photo editing service that provides basic and advanced retouching services. Besides, they create album designs.

They do not have a price list. The company has a subscription-based model. You have to pay $199 per month. By purchasing a premium package, you can get access to unlimited color correction services. If you don’t pay for the subscription, color correction will cost $0.3 per photo, while advanced editing will cost from $3 per photo or $150 per hour.

We are not satisfied with the services provided by Evolve Edits since color correction and editing are of poor quality. Just look at this photo! The retouchers brightened it up too much. The picture wasn’t enhanced significantly, they did a bad job when removing imperfections on the face and clothes. Besides, they completed the task in 7 days, which is too long, if you consider the poor quality of the result.

9. FixiPixi

Photo Editing Services Wedding Fixipixi

Price: from $0.29 per photo

Turnaround time: 8 business days

·         Affordable services


·         Many samples on the website

·         Reliable service

·         Bad quality of editing


·         A long turnaround time

FixiPixi is a photo editing service that has been on the market for over 6 years. They charge about $10 per photo. Their specialists perform color correction, adjust a tone and contrast, remove skin and background defects. Besides, the company edits poor-quality photos and old images.

Their turnaround time is about 7-8 business days. We were not satisfied with their editing skills, as retouchers got too carried away with photo blur. Moreover, the style of the edited photos did not match the one that we requested.

10. Tucia

Photo Editing Services Tucia

Pricing: $8 per 1 credit

Turnaround Time: 10 business days

·         Basic and advanced processing services·         Lack before/after works


·         Confusing pricing

·         Outdated website info

Tucia provides basic and advanced photo editing services. Color correction, blemish and wrinkle removal, skin tone enhancement, and body reshaping costs $30. Advanced processing consists of basic editing, background removal, new elements adding, replacing parts of face & body, and merging images.

In our opinion, specialists did not cope with the task. Some additional requirements were ignored by the team. The retouchers did a very bad job with the skin of the face. We also didn’t like the fact that they returned the photo to us after 10 business days. It is too long!

We were also disappointed with the company’s price list. You can pay with credits, where one credit costs $8. If you want to find out the price for an order, you need to convert credits to dollars, which might be confusing.

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