Find out all you need to know about touch functionality and gesture control in PowerPoint. These tutorials and tips cover touch functionality within PowerPoint which can be used for more effectively navigating through your presentation slides.

Also see our posts about gesture control, which cover Microsoft PowerPoint and other applications.

7 Best Photo Editing Services

Image editing companies have teams of professionals who provide online photo editing services. They edit portrait, wedding, product, real estate, and newborn photos, provide image restoration and creative photo manipulation services. These companies are perfect for photographers who don’t have time to improve photos or beginners who are not good at post-processing. To help you …

Touch Mode in PowerPoint 2013

Touch Mode is a new feature available in PowerPoint 2013 that is useful for touch-enabled system. This feature adds more space around buttons and icons in Office so you can tap them more easily in your smartphone or tablet. This can be really useful for users who use Microsoft Office from their touch-screen devices. You …