Best Digital Eye Chart Generators For Testing Visual Acuity

Eye charts are used to determine visual acuity and contain numerous rows of standard symbols in different sizes, known as optotypes. While eye charts have been used by eye specialists (ophthalmologists) since decades to determine vision related problems of patients, in recent years computer-based alternatives for eye charts have also become available. In fact, some eye charts are also available particularly for children and even resemble something as diverse as a video game. If you are looking to create a digital eye chart, here are a few applications that you can use to make one.

Eye Chart Maker

Eye Chart Maker is a web service which allows users to create their very own eye charts. This service not only allows making eye charts that are similar to the ones used by doctors but also allows users to add a custom message within the chart. Eye charts created with this service can even be shared with other users online. Simply head over to the Eye Chart Maker service, type a word or phrase in the textbox and a chart will be generated with your added word or phrase. This chart can then be saved as an image and added to anything from PowerPoint presentations to graphics and even e-cards (with a custom message).

Eye Chart Maker

As visible from the above screenshot, we used the phrase “FPPT Eye Chart” to generate and eye chart. To share the generated eye chart simply right-click on the chart, select copy image location and send it to anyone with whom you wish to share the image.

Go to Eye Chart Maker


This is another web service which offers  Random Snellen Charts, which are one of the most common type of eye charts used by doctors. You can view  various eye charts to test your eyes and even download a desktop version of this web app which has a version for both small-screens of 800×600 and large-screen with a resolution of 1024×768. This version is available as an HTML file that can be opened in your browser. In case you use the desktop version, youw ill require internet connectivity.

Snellen Eye Chart Generator

Using this app you can view various types of printable random Snellen charts and also adjust the contrast to suit your needs. As i-See and Eye Chart Maker is a web based eye chart, you can use this service to generate charts on any kind of device, such as a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, as well as mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Go to i-See

Random Eye Chart Generator

If you wish to generate an eye chart on an iOS device then you can use this free app to generate random eye charts to check your visual acuity. Tapping the die image in the app randomize the eye chart, whereas users can also touch the available lines and buttons to toggle between the various types of available Snellen and Tumbling E charts.

Random Eye Chart Generator For iPhone

This app is compatible with devices running iOS version 3.0 or later, including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

Go to Download Random Eye Chart Generator

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  1. This is interesting information, but it should be stressed that testing visual acuity by using a chart that is not at the ISO or ANSI specifications, or at correct luminance, is NOT a substitute for an eye exam performed by a licensed Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Reading letters from a chart is just one part of determining eye and vision health. Don’t take your vision lightly!

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