2 comments on “Awesome Whiteboard Symbols PowerPoint Templates for Presentations

  1. This is a ripoff, to “buy” the templates you must a monthly fee of approx $40.mo!!! Who would pay a monthly fee for a one time download of something? Buyer beware!

    1. Mr. Steve.

      I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the offering. Aside of the ripoff expression that is a very strong complaint, let me clarify that you can download this kind of templates from 3rd. party sites if you need to prepare professional presentations with catchy and modern designs. It doesn’t cost $40/mo (it is much cheaper and let you download unlimited content from the site, is not a one-time download of something). Unless you want to spend time (time is money) creating the graphic yourself I’ll always recommend this service since allows you to save lot of time, time that you can spend in other tasks.

      Alternatively you can also download free PowerPoint templates and slide designs at no cost. However, the level of quality for free templates may not be suitable all the time for your project and presentation needs.

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