Animated World Travel PowerPoint Template

A good presentation template is the one that can help your audience instantly understand your presentation topic. For presentations related to travel and tourism, it’s best to use a template that can help your audience instantly grasp your message, with the visual aid of relevant images. The Animated World Travel PowerPoint Template is a travel themed template with images of major landmarks from across the globe.

Create Presentations Related to Tourism, Travel, & Global Markets

The Word Travel PowerPoint  template begins with a title slide which depicts various global landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, State of Liberty, Taj Mahal, The Colosseum, Big Ben and others. This template can not only be useful for travel and tourism related presentations but also presentations related to global markets, globalization, global consumer base, etc.

Create Animated Infographic Slides

The following slides provide various infographic slides which can be used for presenting your content in an interesting manner. These slides load with pre-defined animations which can help your added text stand out and get noticed. Furthermore, each part of your slide will load on mouse-click, making it easier for your audience to follow your topic. This can also give you the opportunity to control the pace at which you wish to load each part of an individual slide.

Create Timelines, Picture Slides & Custom Diagrams

The template gives a number of layouts. With these layouts you can create anything from common content slides to picture slides, infographics, custom diagrams, timelines, etc.

The slides are editable enough to allow major adjustments. You can copy, remove or add content as you please to design custom slides to suit your presentation topic.

Sample Travel Clipart

You also get sample clipart with this template that can be copied, resized and recolored in PowerPoint. This clipart depicts various vehicles, objects and landmarks.

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