Animated Virtual Reality PowerPoint Template

Virtual Reality technology has taken the market by storm in the form of VR headsets. There are various companies cashing in on the VR rush, including Samsung and Google. VR devices are not only finding their way in the video game industry but also in the medical and engineering field. For presenters looking to make a slide deck about VR technology, the Animated Virtual Reality PowerPoint Template is a suitable template with illustrations of an individual wearing a VR headset.

Discuss Virtual Reality Gears and Technology

The template depicts the illustration of an individual wearing a VR headset. You can use this to discuss the VR headset market for which many companies now have famous devices like the Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and Microsoft’s very own HoloLens.

Animated Virtual Reality PowerPoint Template

Customizable Layouts with Animated Slides

There are layouts that can help you create VR themed timelines, device comparisons, diagrams and infographics. You can use the highly customizable slides with editable elements to create presentations that are customized down to your specific requirements.

VR Design

The slides come with some animations that load content by default with certain presets. You can use the empty text-boxes to give a narrative to your subject and the rest will automatically load in animated form when you run your presentation slideshow.

VR Exploration PowerPoint Template

VR Gear Clipart and Illustrations

Since the individual objects in the template are editable, you can copy clipart around and use it to reshape existing slides or to create new slides that stand out. The template has a consistent blue backdrop over images that come mainly in white, black and yellow. This can be suitable for making sure your content is easily viewable by the audience.

VR Timeline

The graphics of the template come with color tones and effects that allow easy viewability for added content. However, you can also recolor the slide objects in PowerPoint.

VR Technology

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