How to Make a Text Diagram using ASCII Flow Tool

ASCIIFlow is an online tool to design online text diagrams that you can export with ASCII Characters. This kind of diagrams was very popular in readme.txt files as well as printed fandfold paper during the 80’s or 90’s. You could find this kind of text diagrams in almost any shareware software distribution under software documentation files or readme.txt files.

It was also very popular in BBS or Bulletin Board Systems to represent diagrams and ideas in the screen when complex graphics cards didn’t support the type of diagrams we are used to know. With ASCII Flow you can make charts and diagrams in plain text.

By using this ASCII diagram tool you can quickly create text diagrams for process flow, class hierarchy in software development or UML diagrams, wireframes and then export the resulting diagram to HTML or text.

Here is a sample of simple process flow text diagram created with ASCII Flow Tool.

You can use this online tool to make charts and plain text diagrams and then paste them in your PowerPoint presentations to surprise your audience with ASCII Art.

If you decide to paste your ASCII art in a PowerPoint slide then remember to choose a Monospaced font like the Courier New, also known as programming font. Alternatively here you can find the top programming fonts, some of them can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint, too.

This is not the only tool that provides a way to design ASCII Diagrams, you can also try PlantUML, LaTeX+MetaUML, sdedit, TextUML or yUML for example if you need to make UML diagrams.

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