Animated Native Dream PowerPoint Template

With so many abstract and corporate-themed PowerPoint templates, it’s quite difficult to find something earthy and dreamy. There’s not a lot of presentation template portals that offer something different that will suit the specific design, history, or culture you’re going to discuss in your slides. So if you’re in the market for an ethnic-themed template or something bohemian-inspired, this next template is perfect for you. The Animated Native Dream PowerPoint Template is a beautifully designed animated presentation template that has all the makings of a slideshow dream.

Animated Native American Culture PowerPoint Template

Beautiful, Subtle and Earthly Design

This is because it has a subtle design with ethnic patterns and feathers paired with dreamcatchers and a specially selected font that beautifully matches the theme. This Animated Native Dream PowerPoint Template features a set of 10 slides. This template features several animations which make the slides eye-catching.

The title slide features a hand reaching out in an open field, with subtle sunshine giving the image warmth. This is then overlaid with text that has a native feather design to complete the look. This text is the title text, which you can then customize. The text also has an animation that gives it a dreamy effect.


Dreamy Animated PowerPoint Template

The inside slides also have matching looks, making the whole native inspired presentation template set cohesively without looking boring. This is because the inside slides have different background designs and layouts, while still keeping the same ethnic and bohemian theme. For example, many of the slide layouts involve realistic native image backgrounds, such as that of a hand reaching for wheat in a clear meadow, as well as an image of a dreamcatcher against the sunlight. Then, there are many slide layouts that contain different ethnic patterns with eye-catching earth colors. The layouts allow you to display the beautiful background image while still giving your content enough space so that your audience can still read your content.

You can even add graphs, charts, tables, and other visuals on some slide layouts so you can concisely deliver your message involving comparisons and figures. These visuals can be customized so they match the native theme by changing up the colors and formatting. There are also layouts that allow you to tell a story, create a list, as well as show comparisons.

Dreamy Native Template

Fully Customizable Animated and Static Slides

This Animated Native Dream PowerPoint Template is divided into animated and static slides. Still, the inside slides can be customized so you can add animations to them as well. Just pull up the Animation Pane under the Animations tab in the Ribbon.

You can also customize more native elements in the slides by changing the font and font colors. Furthermore, you can choose from different slide designs and layouts that you can mix up to suit your presentation needs.

Comparison Slides with Dreamcatcher Image

You can also add images, SmartArt, and other visuals to further make your slides come to life. You can add shapes as well as other details and even other content that supports your message, so you can more effectively deliver your ideas. In fact, you can also add music, such as tribal and drum music to match the whole lool of your slides.

This animated template suits all kinds of presentation topics. You can use this for work or school use. For example, it can be used for school, especially when it’s about Native American history. You can also use it for fashion and design, even for business plans and pitches.

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