Animated Medical Images PowerPoint Template

A cool looking stethoscope, medical images, infographic like slide designs and clipart for designing healthcare themed slides. Cool Stethoscope is an animated medical Images PowerPoint Template provides all that and more.

Editable Sample Slides

There are a total of 13 sample slides. Half the slides are animated and the rest static, followed by a slide with instructions for editing the sample content. The slides are completely editable so you can move, remove, add or edit the sample content.

Infographic Like Slide Designs

There are a number of slide layouts in this template that look like infographics. You can add your own images and remodel the given layouts to design slides with infographics. Furthermore, you can also use these eye-catching layouts for making your content more prominent and easy to grasp for your audience. If you use the animated slides, all you have to do is to add your own content and preview it as a slideshow to see how the pre-configured animations that come with the slide deck gel with your content.

Medical Clipart and Icons

There is a range of useful medical clipart that comes with this template. This clipart includes images of doctors, as well as an icon set with healthcare symbols. You can use these sample images across your slides for adding some visual appeal by pivotally placing the images and icons in your slides.

The icon set provides various famous symbols that can help you design your slides using healthcare icons for visually explaining parts of your presentation. The icons include symbols such as an ambulance, heart, injection, hospital, nurse, etc. You can copy, resize and recolor these icons according to need.

This animated medical template is available for both Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote.

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