Animated Domino Effects PowerPoint Template

Nothing explains cause and effect better than the domino effect. A chain reaction of perfectly placed dominos leading to a climax initiated by nothing more than a mere push of a domino. With animated slides and vibrant graphics, the Animated Domino Effects PowerPoint Template perfectly captures this cause and effect relationship.

Domino Effect Animations for PowerPoint

There are a dozen animated slides with domino effect animations that can be customized by filling out the text-boxes to quickly design slides around a cause and effect theme. Furthermore, you can use this domino effect template for making all kinds of business presentations, slide decks discussing chain reactions and the interconnectivity of various string of events leading to an outcome.

animated domino effects powerpoint template

Advance the Domino Effect with every Mouse-Click

To advance the domino effects depicted in this template, you will require switching to SlideShow mode. Once your slideshow is active, every mouse-click will advance the animation in each slide. You can also change the colors of objects within slides and reorder default slide designs.

beat the effect

Halting the Domino Effect

A few of the slides depict a male character halting the domino effect to stop the fall of all dominos. This can be a good way of explaining about the need for reducing a negative chain of events to turnaround a bad performance.

For example, you might want to motivate your employees to halt the trend of consecutively bad financial performance by making the upcoming financial quarterly performance more efficient.

stopping the domino effect

You will also find slides which depict the aforementioned theme as a stabilizing effect. Hence, these slides can be used for discussing the need to stabilize a negative effect by controlling the factors causing it.

stabilizing effect

This template is compatible with PowerPoint 2007 and later editions and also works with PowerPoint editions for Mac.

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