Animated Business Infographics PowerPoint Template

People who frequently present presentations are all too familiar with an audience that finds it hard to remain attentive. Something that can help the audience easily grasp information is the use of infographics. If you want a template that can give you sample, editable business infographics, we have just what you need. Animated Sample Green Business Infographics PowerPoint Template gives a range of editable layouts to create easy to explain infographic slides.

Animated business infographics PowerPoint template

Variety of Editable Business Infographics

While the opening slide is quite rudimentary in design, the slides that follow provide something a little more eye-catching. The template enables presenters to design slides to introduce their team and services, showcase reports and metrics, as well as to create charts, timelines and custom infographics.

Introduce your team as an infographic slide

The given layouts provide multiple options for designing your infographics. In the example below, you can create a dashboard by depicting your report, metrics and timeline simultaneously. You can also add or remove sections according to requirement. The slides come with animations, so the content is loaded in a visually appealing format.

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Infographic slide as a dashboard

Customize Infographics to Suit Your Design Needs

The given infographic layouts are generic and easy to customize. This makes it possible to adjust the layouts according to your presentation needs.

Chart slide with editable shapes

There are also a number of slides that can enable you to create chart slides. Furthermore, you can also generate timelines and show project progress in the form of roadmaps using relevant sample layouts. There is also scope for incorporating company branding, such as a logo or brand colors. Since the slide objects are editable in PowerPoint, you can edit them to change the theme colors to match your own.

Customizable business infographic slide design

For more details about this premium template, see the product page from the link below.

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