5 Best Projector Phones for Presenters

Last updated on April 20th, 2023

Gone are the bulky projectors and their cumbersome wires. Away goes the hassle in making sure your presentation is compatible with the projector screen. And all this is thanks to mobile technology. After all, if we can do everything with our mobile phones, why not use it as projectors, right? Let’s take a look at 5 of the Best Projector Phones for Presenters.

Mobile phones with projectors is something that doesn’t come so often. But when it does, it’s a great companion for people such as teachers, influencers, motivational speakers, and business executives to have. It’s a highly convenient, powerful, and reliable tool for conducting presentations anywhere without the need to lug around bulky equipment.

1. Lenovo Smart Cast

The world’s first smartphone that comes with an integrated focus-free laser projector comes from Lenovo. This small phone comes built-in with everything you need for a sleek and smooth presentation display. It features a hardware button to start the Smart Cast. With this, you get to see every app that can work with the SmartCast so you can display almost any aspect of your business, information or presentation.

It also has a built-in infrared sensor to track every movement so that every user can make any surface into a nifty touchscreen.

Lenovo Smart Cast

2. Akyumen Holofone

Akyumen has a range of devices that it has recently unveiled. One is the Holofone Phablet, which is a 7-inch Windows 10 tablet with an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor. It also has a robust 4GB RAM, 128G storage, and a 35-lumen projector. This last feature makes the Holofone Phablet a contender as one of the best projector phones in the market.

Much like the Holofone sans its cellular capabilities, the Falcon projector has a powerful range of features specifically inclined to mobile projection. It has the same features as the Holofone, only packaged in a bigger 10.1-inch screen and a 40-lumen projector.

Akyumen Holofone and Falcon Tablet

3. Moto Z Force Droid

While these Motorola mobile phones don’t have built-in projectors, they do support Moto Mods. Moto Mods are powerful modules that transform your Moto Z and Moto Z Force Android devices into movie projectors, power banks, or a boombox. These projector phones come builtin with 16 pins on the back to be attached to the phone.

Moto Z is sleek and thin with aluminum and stainless steel body, while Moto Z Force has an added power due to its shatter-proof display.

Moto Z Droid Force


Movi aims to reinvent the bulky smartphone projectors of the past with its lightweight, sleek, and thin design. This projector phone boasts of an embedded High Definition (HD) 720 DLP LED Pico projector. And with a powerful Qualcomm 821 Snapdragon chipset, it promises to be a performance powerhouse.


5. Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

While this was launched in 2014, Samsung has managed to update a lot of its features and the device is as powerful as ever. Equipped with a 4.66-inch touchscreen display, the phone runs on a 1.2 GHZ quad-core processor. It’s not bad for an entry-level smartphone with decent and reliable projection capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

Overall, having projectors in mobile phones are useful not only in the office and school settings but can also be great for personal use, from personal presentations to movie nights.

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