Free Office Ribbon Editor For Office 2007 And 2010

Microsoft came out with a new Ribbon User Interface in its Office 2007 suite. With this new Ribbon UI users were be able to quickly find commands to complete certain tasks in a document or office application. This makes navigation, formatting and editing supposedly much easier. However, for some users, the Office Ribbon UI may be overwhelming. 

The Office Ribbon Editor has been developed to solve this issue. The Office Ribbon Editor is an application that focuses on the editing of the Ribbon UI for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. This application was developed to answer to two common issues in the Office Ribbon:

  • Office Ribbon UI issues and failures that users may find annoying
  • Better coding environment with helpful tools for users


Setting Office Ribbon Editor Apart

The Office Ribbon Editor is based on OpenXMLDeveloper’s Custom UI Editor. And, with the recent release of Version 4.0, the application can now create Office 2010 documents and create or edit the Office 2010 Backstage.


The following features are what sets Office Ribbon Editor apart from other applications:

Professional Design

Office Ribbon Editor lets users view the code while viewing other objects, like images and/or generated VBA callback functions at the same time. This also allows users to open and edit more than one document simultaneously. The application allows for code editing with syntax highlighting and code folding, which makes codes easier to follow and organize.

The Office Ribbon Editor also has a convenient auto-complete function. This includes:

  1. All the Ribbon UI XML Elements and Attributes
  2. All Office 2010 Backstage Elements and Attributes
  3. All 3000+ image Mso
  4. All Tab, Contextual Tab and Group idMso based on the edited document
  5. All user-defined (imported) images

The Ribbon Editor also has a Toolbox Window for quicker development. It exposes all Ribbon and Backstage elements while allowing drag-and-drop of many objects into the editor. This Toolbox Window contains Office 2007 and 2010 fully functional samples.


Data Management

What is great about the Office Ribbon Editor is that even if you don’t have Office installed on your computer, users can still create and edit Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 documents.

Users can also prevent unnecessary space in your computer due to duplication. Embedded images in their original size and file format can easily be exported. Aside from images, ready-to-use VBA modules with ribbon  callbacks can also be exported. An XML validation function can also be used to check for obsolete or unassigned custom UI images.



As for functionality, the Office Ribbon Editor contains the standard Copy, Cut and Paste functions, as well as the Undo/Redo and Find/Replace functions. Users can also place and remove comments within the documents. This application also allows users to open documents directly into the application from the file folder using drag-and-drop. The same can be done to import external images. This application is compatible with:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

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