10 Presentation Tips to Make Your PowerPoint More Customer-Focused

In a business life, when you are planning to give PowerPoint Presentations, it becomes imperative for you to convey valuable information to your prospects or customers. Only then, you will be able to build trust with your audience and most importantly can differentiate your business from others effectively.

Inspired in the article published by Xerox company, we have summarized here 10 tips that can help to make better customer-focused presentations.

Think of customer relationships as investments. Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to build your relationship and differentiate your business. When giving presentations to customers or prospects make sure to give them information they can really use. The best way to do that is to understand your audience and personalize your presentation’s content so it’s more meaningful to them.

Top 10 Tips for Customer-focused Presentations in PowerPoint

The finest way to deliver a perfect Presentation is to understand your audience and so here are 10 Presentation Tips to Make Your PowerPoint More Customer-Focused:

Keep Slides Simple

When you can cover the explanation in your handouts and discussions, according to a rule of thumb, you should use 7 or less bullet ed points with the tiles that must adds value to your Presentation. Not just this, keep your slides compact, short and easy to understand.

Show Up Customers

No doubt, human face is the most influential image and so showing customers using your products and service helps them picture themselves using your products/service. Thus, by showing people you can easily hit their imagination.

Go Personal

By creating an introductory slide with the company names of people you are meeting with, the date and their names. It’s true it will make better your chances of building relationship with your audience and certainly, the data you are going to present will be more relevant.

Call to Action

On the last slide of your Presentation, makes sure you include the contact information such as: email id, phone no, address, name or other important information you think needs to be added to give call to action to your audience.

Save Time for Queering

To make your Presentation more personal, be sure to ask for suggestions and recommendations. Try to create a list of questions that your customers may ask you at the end of Presentation as this will make you prepared.

Add Branding Ingredients

For the customization of your PowerPoint Presentation, be ensure that any graphics, artwork, colors, fonts, company logo complement your brand efficiently. So, it will help you personalizing a Presentation in a desired way.

Think about Your Customers

When you are delivering a presentation, always think from the customer’s point of view. It means you must have a clear understanding of what will aid your customers achieving their objectives, relieving pain points and meeting challenges.

Communicate True Stories

Only the Presentation of facts will not bring about the understanding and connection you have with your audience. Therefore, you may add customer photographs, quotes and share stories of how your products and services solved a customer’s problem.

Distribute Colored Handouts

By printing your handouts in color, it will help enhancing the retention of content, strengthening brand image and differentiating your business. Thus, after the Presentation gets over hand it out to audience as it will help them refer later.

Commitment to Company

Do tell your audience why you are proud to represent your company and why you believe in what you are doing. Keep all this brief and surely it will strengthen your relationship with an audience.

With the help of above mentioned tips, undoubtedly you will be able to make the PowerPoint Presentation more customer-focused which will help you achieving your objectives effectively.

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