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What is The Office Store?

A lot of what Microsoft sells usually entails software. This means that you don’t necessarily need to physically visit a store to purchase the product. For example, you can subscribe for an Office 365 account and download Office via the web or pay and upgrade to the latest edition of Windows without purchasing a DVD. …

DinoFire Wireless Presenter With Red Laser For Professional Presentations in 2016

Wireless presentation remotes are a necessity when you are presenting professional presentations. This is because you can’t expect to walk back and forth to switch slides using a mouse or keyboard. Neither can you expect someone to reliably switch slides as you need them to.

PowerPoint Presentations Do Not Open After Upgrading to Windows 10

PowerPoint Presentations Do Not Open After Upgrading to Windows 10

If you are trying to open a PowerPoint presentation or any other Microsoft Office document after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you will find that these documents may not open. This article guides you on how to fix the issue opening Microsoft Office documents after upgrading your system to Windows 10. One of …

All You Need To Know About What’s New in Windows 10

Microsoft has finally released the successor of Windows 8 and it’s called Windows 10. The new operating system by Microsoft promises to iron out all the flaws that made users loathe Windows 8. We decided to take Windows 10 for a spin to see if it is anything that it promises to be and I …