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Download free diagrams for PowerPoint presentations and learn how to make your own custom diagrams for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 using shapes and SmartArt graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint. This category includes articles on diagrams and charts for PowerPoint where you can find simple diagrams like funnel diagram PPT templates and other more complicated diagrams like Sankey diagrams for PowerPoint or even McKinsey tables as well as other resources to download free diagram templates for presentations.

Animated HR PowerPoint Template

There can be many reasons for presenting an HR related presentation. This might include presenting statistics about employee attrition rate for the organization, details regarding new recruits, to determine the level of employees’ satisfaction, or to address grievances. For such presentations there can be a need to create diagrams, charts, and to present complicated information …

Free Human Resource Factors PowerPoint Template

Making a successful human resource strategy doesn’t require imitating but rather tailoring a comprehensive plan that can work for an organization. What might be perfect for a multinational corporation will not necessarily work for a medium size firm or a small business for that matter. The Free Human Resource Factors PowerPoint Template can be used for …

Animated Polygon Infographic Template For PowerPoint

Need to make infographic slides in PowerPoint that can stand out and get noticed? You should opt for an infographic template that comes with high-quality graphics and easy to edit presentation slides. Like the Animated Polygon Infographic Template for PowerPoint.

Animated Sleek Design PowerPoint Template

The use of sleek and shiny looking presentation templates can help you attract your audience with some visual aid. This is because glossy slides are usually quite visually appealing and therefore, they can make your content look more eye-catching. The Animated Sleek Element PowerPoint Template is a fully customizable template with sleek and shiny slide …

Animated Stage Diagram Maker PowerPoint Template

Sometimes, the best way to describe a process or a series of events is to create a diagram. Diagrams can be easier to understand if they are distributed in different stages. Unfortunately, making such diagrams from scratch can be quite difficult for many people. The Animated Diagram Levels Toolkit for PowerPoint comes with animated stage …

Animated Process Connections PowerPoint Template

Process diagrams can be important to reveal a new production process, to present a business process or a concept or to create flowcharts. Process diagram templates can be quite useful for not only making process diagrams but also to help present your presentation in a systematic manner by dividing essential information in different sets.

Free Transparent 3D Stairs Diagram For PowerPoint


Whenever you are discussing stages or phases, whether in a project or for school, things can get a little bit tedious especially if you don’t know how to maximize your slides and get the attention of your audience. What you can do is to use visuals in exchange for long lines of text or multiple …

Animated Circle Diagram Infographic Template For PowerPoint

Circle Elements is the name of an infographic template for PowerPoint with editable circle diagrams. A circle diagram can be used for a number of topics tied to business, economics, the ecosystem, etc. The slides in this circle themed presentation template provide attractive sample diagrams which can be used as per your needs for making …

Free Animated Vertical Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template

Animated Vertical Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template provides an animated org chart which can be customized to reveal your organizational structure in the form of an animated slide. The sample organizational chart has been designed using SmartArt Graphics and therefore, it is easily editable.

Animated Space PowerPoint Template

In schools, teachers often require showing children models of the solar system or space related diagrams. I still remember how we had a project where we were to design space themed models including; the Milky Way, moon and the solar system. Space Calculations is an animated space PowerPoint template which gives infographic like slides, which …

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