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Learn how to use Microsoft Word and tutorials on Word including free Word templates for MS Office 2007 and 2010 as well as other interesting articles how to be more effective using a word processing software.

How To Open Word Documents Without Compatibility Mode in Word 2016

Many Word documents from earlier file versions open without certain new features in Compatibility Mode in Word 2016. When such documents are opened, you can clearly see ‘Compatibility Mode’ written in the top bar of the Word window. You can quite easily open Word documents by converting your files to prevent them from opening in compatibility …

How To Use MS Word As A Blogging Client

Blogging is not only a popular way for documenting and publishing your thoughts and opinions, it is also a highly lucrative way to earn money. Many blogging tools, which only started out as a personal documentation platform, have evolved into lucrative business models. But if you haven’t started a blog yet, the idea of setting up …

How To Create A Word Template From An Existing Document

How to make a word template

Templates have become an integral part of our lives, not only do they provide a convenient way to make sure that your work gets done readily, but also enable you to maintain a uniform way to create and edit documents on the fly. It becomes easier for you to create similar documents using a saved …

How To Prevent Editing For A Microsoft Word Document

Sharing documents is an easy way to make sure that the information you want to convey is easily transferred to the individual that you want to share the information with. But, what if you don’t want that individual or anyone else to be able to edit the document you share?

How To Add Citations and References in Microsoft Word Documents

Adding citations and references is essential for students for their academic projects. Failing to add relevant references can not only lead to a deduction of marks but might even result in the project being rejected by the teacher. Furthermore, it can be difficult to keep up with different types of referencing styles to meet the …

How To Download Microsoft Word For Free

How To Download Microsoft Word for Free

Microsoft Office applications are the most sought after programs and MS Word is no exception. However, whether you are looking to acquire the MS Office suite or a specific application like MS Word, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint, it can be quite expensive to buy a copy for yourself. Nonetheless, you can get MS Word …

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