Writing a Best Man Speech

Usually, people are afraid of public speaking. They feel nervous and shy while confronting a crowd. Have you ever been asked to deliver a Best man Speech? Forget all your stress and just follow the tips that are being discussed in the coming section aimed at providing a rough idea about the things that should be included or omitted while presenting a speech amongst live audience.

Remember, every speech has a set pattern starting with the introduction, then the main body and finally ending up with an appropriate conclusion.

Person has shown trust on you and hence they have provided you with an opportunity to stage the Best Man Speech. So, it is your duty to match up with his expectations.

This can be done by preparing the speech well in advance.

Start with an introduction

Make it a habit to introduce yourself before starting any speech. This will help in easing your anxiety and also help in inculcating new confidence for staging your speech.

You do not need to panic, just be yourself! Adding some important incidents or stories can add up a new spice into your speech. It will also help in grabbing more attention from audience as they will be eager to know about those special incidents.

Build a strong Body

Stay Sober! Make your speech simple yet appealing. You can also add a humorous incident depicting a real life incident. Add some good qualities of the person you are speaking on behalf of. Here you can add up some of your own thoughts and ideas.

Keep it short. Make sure that you do not stretch a speech or else listeners may lose interest in your speech.

Conclude on a positive note

Conclusion plays an important role. Concluding a speech with an impressive quote is a good idea. Some good examples for concluding best man speech for wedding are “It is not about finding a person with whom you can live, but a person you cannot live without” or “Finally, my friend has found that person”.

Give a neat finish at the end. Don’t forget to thank all the guests who have spared some time from their buy schedule to attend the function.

Now, you might have got a rough idea about the structuring and phrasing some important points. You are finally ready to deliver an impressive speech.

Adopting these points will definitely help you in overcoming all the anxiety and you will be more confident than ever while delivering your Best Man Speech.