Wireframe Stencils for Microsoft PowerPoint

Common user interfaces can be useful to make wireframes of desktop or web applications. PowerPoint is one of the most popular applications for presentations but can easily be used to show prototypes about software products. You can download free stencils from Wireframe Stencils for PowerPoint presentations to be used to design wireframes in PowerPoint. The stencils include common UI elements like text boxes, windows, simple buttons, different styles of text for title 1, title 2, etc. and other elements and components like dropdown, spin control, selection list, check boxes, radio buttons that you can use in PowerPoint presentations to make wireframe PPT presentations.

While the set of tools is provided for free “as-is”, there are some minor critics. For example when you copy and paste the UI elements like the windows pane with scroll bar and sketches it, then the scrollbar won’t conserve the classic style and width.

The PPT template contains a slide with a web browser template or area that you can use to copy and paste the elements and build your wireframe in the same PowerPoint slide. If you opt to do it inside this PPT, it will be recommended to save the presentation as a .pot template so you can later reuse it many times.

This is a collection of common user interface elements for use when creating wireframes of desktop or Web applications in Microsoft PowerPoint. Most elements are created using tables to allow for easier editing of more complex objects (e.g. tab panels).

Once you download the .PPT from the source you can copy and page the elements in a new slide or another presentation while keeping both PPT opened. If you need free templates for PowerPoint, don’t forget to check the free PPT templates and backgrounds from this website.