Why people may not like your PowerPoint Presentations?

If you want to give an outstanding Microsoft PowerPoint presentation then this blog is for you. Here you will learn how to avoid five common mistakes which kills PowerPoint presentation. Read this and get ready to give best presentation.

Why people may not like your PowerPoint Presentations?

How to make strong PowerPoint presentation.

Mere surviving your PowerPoint presentation can not be considered as your success. However, it is all about satisfying and impressing your audience. It doesn’t matter for them that you have spent a lot of time and effort for the preparation of presentation. They just care about what is important to them. While giving presentation you will have every kind of personality in front of you and it’s a sort of challenge for you keep their requirement in mind and fulfilling them. And yes, don’t forget to make your presentation interesting along with informative.

So, what all you need is just focus on audience, settle your nerves and give your best!!

Now, we will be discussing about deadly mistakes that often made by a mediator while giving presentation:

1. Avoid spicing:

Don’t speak much about your product, company or services just adhere to your goal. You must know that your audience is there to learn something new, relevant and interesting, so make your PowerPoint slides interesting by adding little tidbits, images and graphs so that they can easily understand your point.

2. Don’t explain what they will get:

Let your audience know what they will get from your presentation by hearing you attentively, in fact you can add a slide having title “what you will get?” and ask them it’s answer. Make your slides simple and interesting, by using bullets and numbering you can give wonderful look to your slides. If you need simple PowerPoint templates and backgrounds you can get lot of free templates for your presentations on this website.

very simple powerpoint template

You can download a template like this one from Simple PowerPoint template (green).

3. Avoid using PowerPoint Gimmicks:

Extensive animation of slides distracts audience from message so try to avoid using fancy fades and too many fonts. Here are some tips to avoid distraction of audience from message:

  • Stick to clean slide layout
  • Use big font so that it could be visible to everyone’s eye
  • Use visual aids
  • Turn off your cell phone, email and anti-virus alerts.

4. Stick to your point:

Speaking too much and beating about the bush can irritate your audience so try to control it and keep stick to your message and give appropriate and relevant information in short.

5. Give them information which they can use instantly:

Let your audience have some useful information and something to apply immediately for this you can give them a website to checkout. And you can also enroll them in any exercise for example sure short quiz or something else like that. Their involvement will maintain their interest in presentation.

If you find them eagerly writing tidbits then you know your efforts have worked. So, let your potential reach public through words. Remember, if you need to download free PowerPoint templates then you can go to FPPT.com homepage and browse our collection of free backgrounds and slides for presentations.

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