How to autostart PowerPoint presentations

Sometimes we need to share presentations but we want to make these presentations in PowerPoint to run automatically when the user click on the file. Fortunately there is an easy way to achieve this task, and you can make autorun PowerPoint presentations easily.

In order to autostart PowerPoint presentations when someone clicks on the presentation .ppt file or icon we need to save the PowerPoint file as .pps instead of .ppt

Renaming the file to pps we tell Microsoft Windows that we want to let users open the files automatically. This is because the .pps extension is associated with PowerPoint to run the presentation automatically.

Additionally you can check the settings in the presentation, and in in the slideshow setup and settings page you can select to autoplay and the options you want. This is an alternate method to achieve the same effect.

If you already have the file saved as .ppt then you can start the presentation by right clicking the file in Windows and click the Show option. This will play the presentation file instead of opening PowerPoint editor, unless you have the PowerPoint Viewer installed as a player.

This method will let you autorun PPT files with a click.